Conference Overview

People with disabilities account for approximately 15% of the world population, i.e. more than one billion people. They are among the most vulnerable groups all over the world and have poorer health outcomes, limited access to service, low educational achievements, less economic participation and higher rates of unemployment than people without disabilities.

Society plays a play a pivotal role in increasing their chances for accessing rehabilitation, education and social inclusion opportunities, as most of the times people are disabled by society and not just by their bodies. These barriers can be overcome, if governments, associations, private organizations, professionals and people with disabilities and their families work together.

Themed “Celebrating Abilities. Empowering Disabled”, Oman Abilities forum will create a platform for academics, researchers, practitioners, professionals, policy makers and activists in and around Oman to come together; share and debate research ideas, trends and developments in studying disabilities and to overcome the challenges faced by them.

Oman Abilities Forum will be held on December 10, 2018, at Muscat, Oman and is organized by ZMZ Exhibition Organizing & Events LLC. The Conference will be an excellent platform for anyone working in the independent living industry, caring for or living with someone who is disabled, or is indeed disabled themselves.

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